Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things to think about in Portland while you're alive

I was thinking today about how much I like using my windshield wipers. There's something gratifying in allowing the water to accumulate, then swatting it all away.

Thing is, I find it pointless to have the wipers on rapid fire. I want the water to accumulate, darn it. Wiping the water away as soon as it lands? BOR-RING.

It strikes me that I feel this way throughout life. What's the point of sweeping the floor every day when you can wait a while and feel a sense of accomplishment? Why vacuum regularly when you can put it off and then find gratification in a sucking noise?

I do this on a relational level as well. I need to see the progress. So, when I'm looking at my spiritual journey, I'm frustrated I can't become a "better Christian" (sorry for the cliche) overnight. When I'm sharing my faith, I want the person across from me to convert on the spot.

You already know the flaw in this logic: people are not like windshield wipers. You can't just wait for the "rain" to accumulate, then wipe it away by telling them about the gospel. Instead, we've got to do what we can to show them Christ's love and hope/pray that, over time, the water will be thrown from the windshield (even if it initially looks like the windshield will be wet forever).

I probably mixed at least one metaphor there. Hopefully you know what I mean.


Leisha said...

I heard a guy on the radio this morning quote a book that said: "Being a Christian is not about something you are but something you are praying to become."

I think that's what can be frustrating about being a Christian, that it doesn't happen all at once (like a windshield wiper). Maybe we pray to be RainX?

Giancarlo said...

I like it. Or a slow and steady tortoise.