Monday, January 21, 2008

Addendum to what I wrote last week

Last Friday I received what I consider to be the biggest compliment I've ever received in my life. What made this even sweeter, and which I for some reason failed to mention originally, was the back story:

I had emailed my roommate Dane earlier in the day, telling him I want to come with (that's come con for you Spanish scholars out there). An impromptu happy hour popped up at work. I had a couple beers. *Surprise*, I lost my enthusiasm for the church service.

"I don't think it would really be the right thing to do," I said, "I had a couple beers at work." While I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with having a drink or two (provided it doesn't lead you away from the Jesus path), I didn't feel good about heading to church after a couple Coronas.

Then it hit me: THAT IS HOW THE ENEMY WANTS ME TO ACT. The moment I felt like I unworthy of attending church -- the moment I felt unworthy of God's love -- I began running away from Him. This, of course, is not the right move. In fact, when I need Him most is when I am this weak, when I begin to feel unworthy. I'm obviously not advocating a pub crawl before church, but even if you were to do so you would still be loved. We cannot -- cannot -- allow ourselves to walk away from God based on our own self-loathing.

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thatoneguy said...

That sounds like such a confirming experience--PTL is right! Thanks for sharing, man.