Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random thankfulness

I’ve been to the dentist three times in as many weeks.

After the first time, they told me I needed a root canal. It’ll cause some pain for a day or two, they said, but you’ll get used to it.

After the second time, they told me I would in a few days get used to the pain where my second bicuspid used to be.

After the third time, they told me I would have to wear this $400 mouthguard every night for the rest of my life. Apparently I grind my teeth at night – who knew? – and that’s a big reason why I needed a root canal in the first place. I should be used to the mouthguard within a few days, which is good because right now I sound like I have a lisp with it in. When you already listen to Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill, adding a lisp to the mix, even at night, is NOT a good way to emphasize your heterosexuality. Here’s hoping I can “get used to it” sooner rather than later.

Having written out all of this, I’m seeing that I kept saying/thinking/writing about “getting used to it.” I’m thankful we can get used to things – weather, smells, sounds, $400 mouthguards, people who talk incessantly, all of it. That's a nice little gift from God, now isn't it?


liz said...

i'm getting used to you writing about the dentist.

it makes me feel good inside knowing that some people go to the dentist in cities that they didn't grow up in.

i, on the other hand, do not.
i am terrified.

did you know there's no fluoride in the water in oregon??
don't forget to brush your teeth. as often as possible.

Giancarlo said...

There's seriously no fluoride in the water here? No wonder I've been to the dentist so much.