Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comfort = Stress Avoidance = Ignorance

My quickest way of summarizing the "comfort" idol is to say that it's about self-selecting every facet of your life. You only see certain types of movies, you only do things you like to do, do whatever you can to avoid stress and so on.

It also means that you self-select your friends. By extension, you self-select your conversations. Since most of us choose friends who share our opinions, we tend to be in situations where we're really only hearing our own thoughts coming from someone else's mouth. Rarely do people align with those who would present a conflicting opinion. Ultimately, then, the comfort idol stunts people's communication and growth.

And that, my friends, is why it's most important to share your faith with others. They've likely self-selected who they talk to, their conversations, etc. and in the process have subconsciously removed any possibility of hearing what the gospel is really about. That's where we need to come in. Who's up for that challenge?


The Word Chef said...

But I LIKE hearing my own thoughts coming from someone else's mouth. ;0) It makes me feel APPROVED in my quest for COMFORT and CONTROL.

annie skroski said...

It probably makes you feel a bit POWERful too, doesn't it? ;)