Sunday, November 4, 2007

I hate (or at least dislike) when this happens

So I just watched this movie Breach the other night (courtesy Multnomah County Library system). This film features a devoutly religious character...who also winds up being the evil, betraying-the-country type. Yawn. It's a decent enough movie (though I find it questionable to giving away the ending within the first two minutes) but for Pete's sake, can we find a new stereotype? The whole "hypocritical religious guy" bit is overdone. Shawshank, mob movies, Saved, Boondock Saints, etc. have all tackled this theme at length. When will a movie plot include an admirable Christian character? Does such a character seem too far-fetched for the general public?

(Note1: I'm now realizing this movie was actually based on a true story. But still)

(Note2: I was once told A Walk to Remember has a worthwhile "religious" character. Never did see that film, though)

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