Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Long December

Consider this scenario: you're out in a public place--a gym, a restaurant, Wally World--just going along, doing your thing, when you have a sudden realization. "Hey, I know this tune!" And then you are happy. I think, in a way, God does this for us, too; in common places, sometimes when we least expect it (Wally World?!), His presence, His imprint, His melody manifests for us to witness.

It's a beautiful thing. It also usually requires two conditions on our side of the equation. First, we must be open and receptive. You won't hear the background music well, if at all, when you walk around bumping your Ace of Base mix on the iPod. Likewise, it can be hard to take in God when we're busy gorging ourselves with as many other things as possible. I believe that there is a real danger for Christians in America to become the thorn-choked plants of Matthew 13, and we do just that when we drown out His voice with cacophonic pursuits.

Our second need is knowing what to listen for. Because you won't recollect a song if you never learned how it goes in the first place, nor will you recognize the divine love symphony if it's unfamiliar to the ears of your soul. Knowing the Lord is paramount.

My prayer is that you will be so sensitized by the Spirit and learn His identity so deeply that even His faintest notes will captivate you in profound and unquenchable ways. And then you will be more than happy.


Shannon said...

i love this! it's so beautifully written!

Giancarlo said... much so that's it's inspiring a follow up post from me...

karyn said...

I love this too. And though I know it's not your main point, it is amazing what you hear when you aren't listening to your iPod... I've taken to leaving mine at home when I walk to work, and God will present Himself to me again and again through different voices in the city. It's humbling how much we miss simply because we don't really know how to be still, be quiet, to listen up.

thatoneguy said...

Admittedly, sometimes I don't hear anything at all, even when I do listen. Not quite sure how that works, but I'm thinking it's worth it to pay attention anyway.