Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Beautiful Day Rambling...

I feel it's worth mentioning that it is raining flower petals outside my apartment. For the third day in a row, when I open the windows, tiny pink petals flutter in, littering my floor and dog and kitchen table. I find them irresistibly, impossibly beautiful.

I love days like today - Katherine and I were out walking and talking about how easy it is to see God in the springtime, how compelled we are to offer up kudos to Him for the flowers and the sunshine and the trees. We spend so much time in darkness, literally and figuratively, trying to find our way. On days like today, when it's so easy to appreciate the simplest joys, we feel free. I love that. I love that we have a Creator who recognizes how hard things can be, and offers us entire days of undeniable beauty, where He is obvious, His creation is fantastically peaceful, and His love rains in through the windows.



thatoneguy said...

I've seen those trees; it must be surreal to have them blowing in the window. Gotta love the vibrance of spring.

rawster said...

I always find it easier to praise God when the petals are falling and the sun is shining (figuratively and actually). My current struggle is to be glad and to praise God when it's sprinkling and gray... I can praise God with storms, but it's the middle part that I struggle with. That so-so part of life.... My current prayer is for God to make me content in every situation. Thank you for writing :) Rachelle