Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Turned right to it"

Remember how your teachers in grade school used to make you "open up your textbook to page 87"? And remember how much of a thrill it was when the fates aligned with your fingers and you "turned right to it"? And how you then needed to tell everyone in earshot?

I think the adult version of this is when the pastor tells you to turn to a certain Bible chapter and it happens to be the one you're reading. Like, at last night's Ash Wednesday service, the reading was from Deuteronomy 8...which I happened to have gone through on Tuesday. Giddyup! I wanted to leap up from my seat in the second pew, turn to the rest of the congregation, and say "hey, I'm reading that!"

It seemed kind of out of place with the whole Ash Wednesday thing, though.

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The Word Chef said...

This cracks me up because I've been there. I love how God works. Sometimes in 3 different venues (say: work, church, and personal study) the same thing comes up the same day/week. It's like God "turns us right to it" and we just get to be surprised when it happens... and reminded that He really IS trying to tell us something.