Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Whole or Compartmentalized?

I (Jodi) know I've had weird dreams before that seem to predict something before it happens, but I've never written a blog along the same lines of a sermon two days before it was preached - until now. Here's a link to my This Instant! blogspot. The title of the blog is Orange or Dip This Instant! and it's about how we tend to compartmentalize our lives.

The guy who spoke on Sunday (forgive me for only remembering Rick's name...and it wasn't Rick who spoke on Sunday) was encouraging us to let the whole Gospel affect our whole lives. Do we let missionaries be missionaries and not take any part in that because we're not "called to the mission field" as they are? Do we just go to church on Sunday and let that be our token Christian action for the week?

My blog is more about living with integrity and letting the character of Christ dwell in us fully. But who am I to preach? I recently went to a conference for work that I thought would be a secular conference. When I found out it was Christian-based, the thought went through my head, "Shoot. That means I have to be nice to people."

And that's about all I have to say about that. (copyright: Forrest Gump)


Leisha said...

I haven't read your blog yet, Jodi, but I'm really excited you brought this topic up. It's such an easy trap for us to fall into in our Christian journey.

Also, your story about the conference reminded me of a story about a friend of mine in highschool who worked for See's Candies. Y'know how they all have to wear those very distinctive old lady uniforms? Well she was leaving work in the mall one day, and a car almost hit her in the crosswalk. Her first impulse was to yell at the driver, then she realized she was still wearing her work uniform and didn't want to misrepresent See's. Then she felt all guilty because she should have felt that way about representing God.

I'm just glad that God doesn't make us wear uniforms.

thatoneguy said...

I like the title "Orange or Dip" :-)