Friday, October 19, 2007

He died and rose because...?

In the sermon last Sunday (10/14), Rick started off by asking: "Why did Jesus have to die?" He then proceeded along four major assertions, saying Jesus' death and resurrection 1) gives us victory over the Enemy, 2) frees us from slavery to sin, 3) releases us from guilt, and 4) provides belonging/takes away our alienation. These are all excellent points, showing some fine, nay, wonderful effects of Jesus' death and life. But they don't answer the question. What about our relation to God, eternity, and salvation? These kinds of things were hardly touched on. I also wish Rick would've extrapolated from point (4) more--what exactly are we belonging to? Why did Jesus have to die? Not to make our earthly lives more comfortable. I don't think Rick was trying to say that Jesus died to make us happy, but I think if he had focused a bit more on the really really big picture he could've done a better job of answering his own question (or maybe he just asked the wrong question?).

Of course, it's entirely possible that I missed some significant pieces of Rick's message, from spacing out, poor memory, bad note taking, or what have you. Did anyone else hear the sermon this way? Is there something I left out? Please share.

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Leisha said...

I think Rick probably just ran out of time. That topic of why Jesus had to die is a huge conversation in itself, so I think he was trying to give kind of a survey of the various implications of Christ's death.

I don't know if you were there on Wednesday night (since I don't know who this is), but we ended up discussing that specific topic of eternity in some detail, and I felt it was a very revealing conversation.

I feel like Rick has gone into more detail about why Christ had to die, but I can't remember what the sermon series was. Maybe back in Romans?