Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Creating vs. Discovering

On a rather long road trip this weekend, I was involved in an interesting conversation regarding "creating" art. As a designer, I've often gotten frustrated that it seems like there are very few new ideas left out there. Fashion has been on it's cyclical repeat of past trends, silouettes, colors, patterns, etc. for quite some time. This extends into music (sampling past artists, remaking songs, greatest hits albums) and dozens of movie remakes and overused storylines. The concept came up that as God has been the actual Creator of everything, than any form of art, invention, scientific notion, etc. is really just a discovery of part of God's being. While God has certainly blessed people who don't really know Him with some of those discoveries (I'm not sure of the inventor of the Ipod or the Iphone's belief system, but that would be a big one), it certainly translates that we as Christians can worship God through artistic mediums as a way to reveal a piece of Him for the rest of the world. I found this freeing, that in no way should I be prideful of any clothing I've designed as it was all God's idea, but also that God's creation is endless and perhaps we need to tap into it a bit more and really pursue Him better in order to come up with new art and ideas. Also, this idea I cannot claim to be my own since it was a collaboration of a few people inspired by God.

This doesn't really have anything to do with anything we've discussed in Home Community or the sermon series, it just made me think and I thought I'd throw it out there.

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J. Carlson said...

Totally! Good call! I am a writer, so different than a designer, but creative nonetheless. You guys hit a home run in your discussion and I thank you for the reminder that I can claim nothing "I" create as my own. PTL!