Thursday, February 19, 2009

Question: How Can Guys and Girls Be Friends?

I have always had loads of guy friends. My best friend growing up was Gabe, my best friend in college was Matt, and one of my best friends immediately after college was Ben. Right now my closest friends are mostly guys, with a few notable, BFF-type exceptions.

A female friend recently marveled at the series of close, platonic relationships I have with guys. I can't explain why it is so easy for me to relate to guys, but those male friendships have been the most loyal and consistent in my life.

At the women's sexuality forum they mentioned how sexuality is the longing for togetherness, and that sexual intercourse is only one aspect of sexuality. Non-genital sexuality, or social sexuality, is how male and female relationships are important outside of sexual intimacy. I know that those relationships with men have made me a more well-rounded person with a better understanding of myself and my God.

On the flip-side, in college I had friends who believed, in the tradition of Harry Burns, that guys and girls could never be friends.

Here are my questions for you all:
- Can men and women just be friends? If so, what are the benefits to those relationships?
- What factors are required for men and women to be friends?

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thatoneguy said...

I think we tend to vastly over-complicate things. If you and another person get along, then you should be able to just be friends.

Speaking of overcomplicated: there must be a better way to verbalize "social sexuality" (and "non-genital sexuality" doesn't count!).