Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Why Guys Aren't Asking You Out"

In light of discussions around dating and relationships at home community and in last week's sermon, I just wanted to post a link to my friend (well, friend of a friend-i've never met the guy) Andy's blog. He's a single late twenties or early thirties guy and he wrote a series on his blog titled "Why Guys Aren't Asking You Out", now there's a catchy title... It was supposed to be one or two posts long but it ended up stretching into nine posts as the discussion got going (the link to each part is in the upper right corner of his blog page), but I would recommend reading one or two or all of them. My eyes were opened to other perspectives and reasons for why we are the way we are and why dating gets so dang complicated sometimes. He talks about verses that many look to to support singleness or marriage as well as social and cultural reasons for lack of dating in many church communities. And, he's hysterical and fun to read.

Since the whole topic of dating and relationships can't possibly be covered in two home community meetings, I thought I'd stretch out the conversation into the blogosphere...I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on Andy's blog. Check it out!

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karyn said...

Shannon, you are my favorite resource for fun things on the internet. Those articles (blogs? whatev.) made me laugh out loud several times. I also found his Biblical insights refreshing and sound... particularly his tackling Paul's "wish everyone could be like me, do not seek to be married" bit with "What are you doing for God as a single person that you couldn't do married?" I think that's an interesting challenge to us single folk... if we are single, how are we using our singleness to further the kingdom of God? What would it mean to be single like Paul, who was out spreading the gospel, traveling around all the time, and getting thrown in jail. I'm not so sure I can point to any ministry in my life that is directly related to my singleness, but I can see it in others (Leisha, for example, might not be able to be doing what she's doing if she wasn't single... for that, I applaud her.) Interesting food for thought.