Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Your anti-self

Karyn and I were discussing this a bit ago, based on a question from the game "Would You Rather". What would your anti-self, your nemesis, the photo negative of who you are be like? Would your nemesis be evil or good, dedicated or flaky, dirty or clean, rich or poor? Would he/she be a loner or not? What would be his/her motivating principle, goal, or world view?

See comments for my nemesis' description and leave your own.


Leisha said...

I think my opposite person would be a super wealthy corporate lawyer. She'd probably work for some chemical company or military contractor, and her livelihood would be to make sure that there are no consequences for the ways that her corporation disadvantages others. She would be driven by the profit margin and professional advancement. She'd always be polite, and seem to be very kind and authentic, but means none of it and will go back on what she said as soon as the person is out of sight.

She is a work-a-holic, and hates children. She has no friends, and cares for no one but herself. She is extremely health conscious, works out religiously, and dresses well and fashionably.

karyn said...

Ok, Bizzaro Karyn: First and foremost, she could care less about what other people think of her (I envy her for that). She's hopelessly dark, deeply pessimistic, endlessly cynical. She never gets excited about anything, unless, of course, feigning enthusiasm will somehow irritate someone near her. She doesn't talk much.

I'm guessing she works at a nightclub somewhere, from 9pm-5am, which is when she is most awake. She spends most of her time flirting silently, brazenly with the clientele, twirling her cigarette and luring unsuspecting folks in with her air of mystery, constantly trying to distract them from the coldness in her core. She is lonely. She is also, however, driven, confident, shameless, and hopelessly dedicated to her one life's passion - she's never distracted from her goal. She has an amazing mind for mathematics and science - in fact, her passion is probably building some sort of incredible bionuclearterrorweaponofdestruction.

*shudder* Save me Superman. ;)

Ooo, and when B. Leisha and B. Karyn meet... that could get interesting. Anti-Me is probably one of the minions Anti-You pays to do your corporate dirty laundry. Sweet. I'm thinking my character is getting some seriously awesome boots in this story. Why again will you be gone on Halloween? :)

thatoneguy said...

Sorry, mine's a bit long, I just kept thinking of things during the day...

My opposite is suing the makers of "The Hangover" for copyright infringement regarding his (largely ghost-authored) autobiography. A big partier, he loves being the center of attention and putting on a show, but doesn't actually care about the people he's entertaining. He's also a hard drinker, enjoys clubbing, and probably frequents the joint that employs Karyn's double, though he has her name confused with one of the customer's and doesn't care to be corrected.

He thinks up lots of grand schemes for getting rich, and markets them endlessly to everyone. In fact, he loves marketing in general, possibly works at a firm like the one Leisha's double is in, and probably secured a promotion or two by unscrupulous means despite a lack of work ethic and disregard for company policies. He's not a very ethical or thoughtful person generally, but is very concerned with putting forth an impressive image. To this end he buys lots of flashy things he can't afford, and tries to make sure you know that he's "the shit."

He directly contributed to the housing market crisis; disdains hard physical work as something for people in third world countries, and looks down on people from third world countries because they have to do physical labor; talks in circles if you disagree with him; enjoys and makes use of the fact that Tan Republic is open till 10pm, 7 days a week; doesn't tend to think things through, before or afterward, and looks for the path of least resistance in basically every situation; has little patience for people who continue to discuss things like evolution and global warming, since the experts have already figured all that out; has no idea how to properly use words like "lie" and "lay," and doesn't give a rip one way or another; subsists largely on Wonder Bread, pepperoni and pickle sandwiches; and is confused by understatement and sarcasm.