Friday, August 22, 2008

Segue ("seg-way") required

(I think there should be a requirement for segue between posts. They don't have to be good. Check out for inspiration.)

Speaking of injustices like Favre's back-stabbing "return" to the Jets... (I told you it didn't have to be good.)

I've been watching this show called The Pretender on My love for TV on the internet and eternal appreciate to Jon So for pointing me to hulu are well documented on Zloop. The premise of The Pretender is that this genius named Jarod can learn pretty much anything in a tiny amount of time. After being used by an evil corporation to do evil for many years, he escapes, and while on the run from said evil corporation, he travels around learning different vocations and righting injustices.

I used to love this show, but this time around, something has been bothering me, and I couldn't put my finger on it until the last episode I watched. Jarod was posing as a CDC investigator to expose another CDC scientist as a murderer. At the end of each episode Jarod arranges some event that exposes the murderer and forces them to confess. In this episode Jarod makes the murderer think he's been exposed to the horrible Ebola-like virus that he used to kill his victim. Jarod leaves the murderer trapped in a glass decontamination booth thinking that he's dying (although he isn't).

What I finally identified as bothering me is how ugly justice can be without grace. It can definitely be argued that this murderer deserved the terror he experienced, thinking he was dying the same way he had killed another person. Indeed, some would argue that he deserved far worse, but it just served to remind me of what I deserve and how grateful I am for grace. I'm even more grateful that God's grace isn't half-assed grace that makes us suffer part, if not all, of what we deserve.

Right now he's doing the same thing to a doctor who went back and paralyzed, then autopsied her own hit and run victim. ugh.

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