Wednesday, March 19, 2008

God and how to answer a basic job interview question

One of my favorite things is when I’m minding my own business, another day in the working world and then God says “Hey! Look! I’m right here in front of you! In the middle of your work day!” Here’s the latest example:

Part of my job is to advise students on interviewing. The flaw of interviewing is that most people assume they’re good at it; after all, it’s not difficult to talk so how hard can it be to interview? That’s why I try to prepare them for some of the more difficult interview questions. My favorite is the “what are your weaknesses?” question. This question is actually asking upon what you need to improve. The best way to answer is a three step process:

1. Identify the weakness;
2. Explain why it’s a weakness; then
3. Tell me what you’re doing to fix this weakness.

Simply identifying the weakness is not enough. As I tell students, employers are not in the habit of hiring someone who has a weakness without any inclination to mend it. Imagine someone who is content in his/her lack of organization. Would you want to hire that person?

It strikes me that this process should be part of my walk with the Lord as well. It’s not enough to merely know areas of life where I sin. I need to do something about it.

For example, I know I have a problem with loving in sincerity (as in Romans 12:9). Is it good enough for me to simply tell people “I struggle with sincerely loving people”? Absolutely not. It’s a starting point. I’ve identified the problem. I’ve identified why it’s a problem. But I haven't done anything to improve upon the problem. If I’m not meditating on the sin, praying for the Spirit to overcome it, I’m not actually helping the problem. In that scenario, I’m allowing sin, rather than Jesus, to act in me…and I’m willingly living by its dictates instead of asking the Holy Spirit to help me in my weakness.

Imagine a person who knew s/he was weak in one part of his/her faith, but was content in that weakness. Would you allow that person into Heaven?

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